Harrow County School for Boys

Form 3D 1955

Photograph from Peter Arnold via Bob Smith.  Identifications by Peter Arnold, David Buckley, Richard Buckley, Jeremy Hymers, David Stokes and Ron Taylor.  (Note - a copy of this photo was previously titled Form 1C 1953 on the website!)

Back Row Left to Right:  Peter Down, Alan Hearn, Chris Bremner, Chris Simmons, Geoffrey Begley, Steve McCausland, Peter Arnold, Howard Williams, Peter Tranter, Stirling, Bob Paterson (Pagerson?)

Middle Row Left to Right:  Wilmott, Alan Marlow, Nicholl, Douglas Elkins, ?, ? , Langrick, Alan Hummerstone, Peter Jensen, Trevor Tew

Front Row Left to Right:  Norman Simmonds, Michael Dann, David Buckley, Tony(?) Gardiner, Webb, Mr. Beer, ? , Tony Young, Crawford, Richard (Haystack) Hayward, ?

(Sir Tony Young, fourth from right in the Front row, is now President of the Trades Union Congress and has been a Governor of the BBC since 1998.  He received his Knighthood in the Queen's Birthday Honours in June 2002)

Dave Buckley writes:  "Langrick was a very good bowler in one of the cricket teams. In one match he took 10 wickets in one innings for around 15 runs with a followup in the next innings of 9 wickets for about the same number of runs. Does anyone of my era remember this feat? Square was very proud, of course!!"

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