Harrow County School for Boys

Form 3C - 1959  This photograph was sent in by Dick Thwaites.  Identified from Dick Thwaites and Laurence Lando.

Mike Harrison (who was in 3D) writes:  In these photographs lies a tragic story.  On May 9th, 1961 I was playing cricket. I wasn't good enough to be on the pitches at the school site and so I was with the boys who had rather a long walk down a main road to where the school had other playing fields.  We had to take it turns to carry the equipment, bats pads etc and the next week it was my turn. I didn't fancy that at all and asked Mr Amos (Swanee!) if I could switch to Athletics which would have meant I remained at the school site and did not have to carry the dreaded bags.  He agreed asking me if I was serious or just trying to get out of carrying the bags!! (perceptive or what!) About 6 boys carried the bags and one called Graham MacFadyen took my place.  Inevitably the boys with the bags lagged behind and on this day as they walked down the main road a lorry ran out of control and killed Graham.
"Another boy, Malcolm Pyne, was seriously injured.  I remember the funeral and then Graham's parents coming to the school to meet all his classmates. It really was traumatic for everyone involved.  I am sure Graham and Malcolm are in these pictures somewhere.")

David Holmes (who was in 3D) writes (November 2008):  "I found the photo and read Mike Harrison's account of Graham MacFadyen's tragic death  - being knocked down by a lorry whilst carrying a cricket bag.  Mike said that he did athletics that day and missed the accident.  I was carrying the bag with Graham ('Mac') who was a good friend of mine.  Half way along Gayton Road on that fateful day we realised that we had left the ball behind, and I volunteered to go back for it.  I think Malcolm Pyne took the handle of the bag from me.  If I hadn't gone back for the ball, I would have been injured also, or worse. I still remember that day even now, and wonder about the tricks that fate can play.



Back Row (L-R): X, Chris Snell, Rapapport, Laurence Lando, Geoff or Jeff Lent, X, Keith Fielding, Graham  McFadyen "Mac" (See note 1), Gold, Stubbs, John Denton, Sackville, Gamage, Bilgorri


Centre Row X, John Reeves, Weston, Northedge, Mike (Min) Carr, John Lane , X (see note 2), Dave Toeman, Terry Townsend, Browning, Simmons, X, Dick Thwaites


Front Row  Phillips, Pocock (See note 3), Newton , Dave Hawkins, Roger Swinburn, Mr Clarkson, Don Grace, Stimpson, Kemp, X, Fred Morgan


Note 1.  Graham McFadyen was killed whilst in 3C in an accident on Watford Road .  A lorry mounted the pavement and went into a group of the third form as they were running down to the playing fields for a routine games afternoon.  Fortunately no one else was killed or injured.


Note 2.  This boy, whose name I have long forgotten (writes Dick Thwaites), was at HCS for only a short time.  He was American (or perhaps Canadian) and his father was in UK for a few months work.  He arrived in September 1959 and I guess this photo was taken on his second or third day.  The whole ethos of British school life was so strange to him and he really was a fish out of water.  He settled in quite well though and gallantly put up with everything – he never had a uniform though so never had to wear a cap.  I think the family was in UK for just one term.


Note 3.  Pocock was a new arrival in the school (having come from Tonbridge) and this photo would have been on his second or third day.  A few years later he joined the RAF but was tragically killed in a car accident whilst under training.

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