Harrow County School for Boys

1975-76 or 1976-77.  Form 3A

This photograph was contributed by Mrs. Lorette Rutter.  Identifications from Stuart Dollow and David Sellers.  Can anyone confirm the year and the form and identify more names? (if so e-mail jeffrey@jeffreymaynard.com)  

Back Row (L-R): David Sellers, Raymond Sainsbury, Jeremy ?, Ceri Springsguth, Jolyon Barraclough, X, Kevin Stopps, Chris? Brand

Third Row:  Geoff Grodner, X, X, Michael Graham?, Stuart Townsend, Terry Hall, X, Paul Baxter

Second Row:  Adrian? Howard, Viren? Patel, Ian Grosvenor, Trevor Sharp, Stuart Dollow, David Gray, Chadwick, Terry Booth

Front Row:  Adrian Landon, Mark Tudge, David Brookes, Mrs. Lorette Rutter, X, Colin Goymer, Stephen Conn


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