Harrow County School for Boys

Harrow County Fete, July 23rd,1938

Despite two previous wet Saturdays, July 23rd was the type of bright, sunny day which was so essential for the success of the Fete and of which a B.B.C. outdoor commentator never tires of praising.

...Flags waved and bunting fluttered in the breeze; balloons rose high overhead...All the fun of the fair - darts, coconuts, Crazy Kitchen, Chinese Laundry, Ring-it, Skee-ball, skittles, hoop-la, quoits, and Aunt Sally - was there.

Mr. Duke and the Railways and Airways Club had organised two very good model railway shows - clockwork and electric gauge 0 in the Maths. Lab., and a fascinating Trix gauge 00 electric show in Room 16.... Upstairs in the New Chemistry Laboratory, the museum exhibits had been taken from their customary cupboards... Mr. Neal. in the Art Room, had prepared once again one of his excellent Art Exhibitions.  Everybody admired the striking posters recently done to advertise the School's production of "The Merchant pf Venice," and his own contribution, hung discreetly in a corner.

In the crowded Hall ... people were having the dainty set teas prepared by the Mothers' Sewing Party.

Mr. Brister...organised the whole show.

Brian Hester writes: 

"The top photograph shows Mr. Brister seated and actually smiling - something he seldom did. He was an inspirational maths teacher but he tended to be a bit heavy handed with the juniors. I believe the Fete was the occasion related by Phillip A. R. Street while a master, when the draw down of electricity was too great for the fuse box on the corner of Gayton and Sheepcote Roads. After the power had failed several times and the fuses replaced by the appropriate authority, Street told that a group of them managed to open the fuse box and replace the fuses with nails!

Source: Gaytonian, October 1938

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