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Enquiry 1970

Enquiry was Harrow County's prize-winning and much acclaimed Science Journal.  By 1969, the fifth year of issue, it had matured into a professional-looking showpiece publication which attracted over 28 pages of advertisements.

It was published by Mr. Keith Neal (Biology Master) and Mr. Maurice Venn (Geography Master, and edited by Robert Wallace (Scholarship Sixth Science).  (The Reverend Robert Wallace is Rector of Hutton Church in Essex.  He entered Sussex University in October 1970 to read chemistry.)

These articles were written by boys and Old Gaytonians in the 1970 Magazine:

The Science of Biochemistry, by Professor Sir Charles Dodds
(Sir Charles Dodds, Bt., M.V.O., M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S. joined Harrow County as a founding pupil in Form 1 in 1911.  He left in 1916 to join the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, where he remained for the next 52 years. He was President of the Royal College of Physicians 1962-66, and was Vice-President of the Royal Society in 1970.)

Scientific Responsibility, by Sir Sidney Caine
(Sir Sidney Caine, K.C.M.G., was at Harrow County School from 1913-19.  After graduating with First Class Honours from the London School of Economics he held many distinguished posts in the civil service.  He was Director of the London School of Economics 1957-67.)

The Physics of Reed Woodwind Instruments, by Martin Steward
(Martin Steward was in his fourth year at school in 1970.)

Maple Samara, by R. Dudzinski & M. Stone
(Richard Dudzinski and Mitchell Stone were in their fourth year at school in 1970.)

The Effect of Air Masses on the British Climate, by Alan Fowler
(Alan Fowler left Harrow County in 1967 and sudied for a Geography degree at Kingston Polytechnic.)

The Trees of Cypress, by Brian Doggett
(In 1970, Brian Doggett was studying for 'A' levels in physics, chemistry, zoology and pure maths.  He hoped to become a teacher.)

The Principle of Mathematical Induction, by J. F. Ling
(Mr. John F. Ling, M.A.(Cantab.) left Jesus College, Cambridge in July 1966.  He joined the Mathematics Department at H.C.S. in September 1967.)

A Vertical Transect of Hurlstone Point, by J. R. Couchman and R. Ironton
(Professor John Couchman was studying for 'A' level sciences in 1970.  He was a keen rugby player.  He is Professor of Cell Biology at imperial College, London.
Dr. Robert Ironton took his 'A' levels in 1970, and hoped to study biology or medicine at university.  An outstanding member of the school's Rugby Club.  He is a tutor for the Royal Society for Paediatrics and Child Health at Southampton General Hospital.)

Band Constructions, by M. L. Harris, P. R. Lerner and T. O'Brien
(Michael Harris lives in Israel.  In 1970 he intended to study mathematics at university.
Paul Lerner intended to study social science at university.
Terry O'Brien hoped to study electrical engineering at university.)

Aerodynamics and the Modern Racing Car, by M. Earle
(In 1970 Marc Earle aimed to study landscape architecture at Leeds Polytechnic.)

Cancer Research - A Cytogenetic Approach, by Graham Murrell
(Graham Murrell edited Enquiry in 1968.  He was Head Boy in 1968, and went to Peterhouse, Cambridge, to read Biology and Chemistry.) 

Education for Responsibility in Science, by Paul Nurse
(Sir Paul Nurse left Harrow County in 1967 to study biology at Birmingham university.  In 1970 he was particularly interested in education and hoped to become a Lecturer.  He became the Director of the Imperial Cancer Institute and won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2001.  In November 2003 be takes up a new post as President of Rockefeller university in New York.)

A Little Learning, by Richard Salter
(Richard Salter is a QC.  He went to Balliol College, Oxford in October 1970 to read English.)

Viewing Under Sodium, by C. M. Booth
(Chris Booth won an Exhibition to Trinity College, Cambridge, and was in his first year in 1970, studying engineering.)

Pallets, Containers and the Modern Oil Tanker, by Philip Blenkhorn
(Philip Blenkhorn was studying Geography and Mathematics at 'A' level in 1970.  He hoped to become a BBC technician.)

An Indiginous Welsh Settlement: A Study of Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, by G. W. E. Jones
(Gordon Jones is the Registrar of Companies for the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.  He entered Jesus college, Oxford, in 1970 to read history.)

Colour Television Systems, by R. Dunmore
(Richard Dunmore was studying mathematics, physics and chemistry.)

Geological Features of the West Indies, by Stephen Bassett
(Stephen Bassett, in his fourth year, spent three years in Trinidad before coming to Harrow County.  He hoped to become a geologist.)

A Geological Study of Botts Quarry, Derbyshire, by H. Proctor
(Harry Proctor was in his fourth year in 1970 and wished to study geology in the sixth form.)

An Investigation into the Effect of Saline Solutions on the Germination of Mustard Seeds, by Donald Coid
(Dr. Donald Coid is Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Tayside Health Board (seconded to the University of Dundee).  In 1970 he was studing biology, physics and chemistry at 'A' level  and hoped to study medicine at university.)

Letters to the Editor from G. W. E. Jones and J. Strauch.
(Jacek Strauch is an opera singer.  After 'A' levels in 1970, he studied medicine at Queen's College, Cambridge.  He debuted with the Glyndebourne Touring Opera in 1979, and has sung with many famous opera companies.  He was designated 2001 Singer of the Year by the magazine "Opera World."  He is currently with the Bavarian State Opera.)


Source: Enquiry, 1970

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