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Enquiry 1969

Enquiry was Harrow County's prize-winning and much acclaimed Science Journal.  By 1969, the fifth year of issue, it had matured into a professional-looking showpiece publication which attracted over 28 pages of advertisements.

It was published by Mr. Keith Neal (Biology Master) and Mr. Maurice Venn (Geography Master, and edited by Andrew Davidson (Scholarship Sixth Science).  (Andrew Davidson was studying Scholarship Level Zoology and Chemistry.  He represented the School at Cross Country Running)

These articles were written by boys and Old Gaytonians in the 1969 Magazine:

Expedition to Spitzbergen, by Graham Murrell
(Graham Murrell edited Enquiry the previous year, 1968.  He was Head Boy in 1968, and went to Peterhouse, Cambridge, to read Biology.) 

Food for Thought, by D. J. Williams
(David Williams left Harrow County in 1962. He read zoology at University College, Cardiff and then to Imperial College, London, for a post graduate course in Applied Entomology.)

The Chemistry of Tea and Coffee, by R. F. Smith.
(R. F. Smith left Harrow County in 1923 to join the laboratories of J. Lyons & Co. Ltd. A Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chemistry, he retired from J. Lyons in 1967.)

Geology of the New Hebrides, by Norman Host
(Norman Host returned from Voluntary Service Overseas in 1969, and went on to the University of Newcastle, to read Geology.)

An Analysis of the Variation in form of the Dog-Whelk under Different Ecological Conditions, by I. C. McManus
(Professor Chris McManus is Professor of Psychology and Medical Education at University College, London.  He recently published a book, "Left Hand, Right Hand" about asymetry in humans.)

The Trisection of an Angle, by T. K. Carne
(Dr. T. K. Carne is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics at the University of Cambridge.)

An Arts View of Science, by S. J. Gallico
(Stephen Gallico won an Open Scholarship in Classics at St. John's College, Cambridge.  He became a Solicitor and is a partner in the firm of Thomas, Eggar, Church, Adams.)

A Study of the Population status of the Scarce Ischnura (Iscnura pumilio), by G. M. Rocker
(Dr. Rocker was studying 'A'-level Biology, Physics and Chemistry in 1969.  He is Professor in the Department of Medicine, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, and President of the Canadian Critical Care Society, Toronto, Ontario.)

An Idea for a Versatile Fuzz Bob, by D. R. Powell
(David Powell left Harrow County in February 1969.  He went to Southampton University to read Electronics.)

What to Expect in Medicine, by P. J. Mansfield
(Dr. Peter Mansfield left Harrow County in 1961 having gained an Open Scholarship in Natural Sciences at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.  After a year he changed to Medicine.  As a General Practitioner, he has recently been in the national news as a campaigner against the MMR vaccine for children.)

Elementary Digital Circuits, by C. Dover
(Colin Dover joined Harrow County in the Lower Sixth from Brookside House.)

A Computer Program, by Robert Wallace
(The Reverend Robert Wallace is Rector of Hutton Church in Essex.)

Turtle-watching in Trinidad, West Indies, by S. Bassett
(Stephen Bassett spent three years in Trinidad before coming to Harrow County.  In 1969 he hoped to become a geologist.)

A Study of the Freshwater Shrimp using an Artificial Stream, by I. G. Pursell and J. E. Dixon
(Ian Pursell was Head Senior Prefect 1968-69.  He read applied Biology at the University of Bath.
John Dixon was studying 'A' level Biology, Chemistry and Physics in 1969.)

Feeding Rhythms in Stream Animals by J. J. Ryder
(In 1969 John Ryder wished to read Medicine at University.)

Metals and Money - The Composition of Coins, by Robert Wallace

Britain's New Freightliner, by M. J. Tomsett
(Martin Tomsett won an exhibition in Geography at Jesus College, Cambridge, in December 1968.  He is a lawyer in Southampton.)

Rural Depopulation and its Consequences - A Study of Penmachno Parish, Caerns., by R. Hedley
(Roger Hedley was studying 'A' level Physics, Geography and Mathematics in 1969.)

An Economic Appraisal of the Upper Conway Valley, by Graham Wooding
(Graham Wooding was studying 'A' level Geography, Economics and English in 1969.)

A Bacteriological Examination of Milk, by D. R. Johnson and E. C. Sabine.
(In 1969 David Johnson hoped to become a Dentist.  He was studying 'A' level Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and was a member of the School First Rugby XV and Cricket XI.
Eric Sabine left Harrow County in July 1968 for University College Hospital Medical School.  He was a keen Young Liberal.)



Source: Enquiry, 1969

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