Harrow County School for Boys

Enquiry 1967

Enquiry was Harrow County's prize-winning and much acclaimed science magazine.

These articles were written by boys and Old Gaytonians in the third annual Magazine in 1967:  
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Cover design: "Mesozoic and Caenozoic Gastropods".   K. R. Brown, A6A.

The Electron Microscope in Metallurgical Research.   Dr. W. E. Hoare
(This special article was written by Dr. Hoare of the Tin Research Institute)

Report from Sarawak.  Trevor Hancock.
(Trevor Hancock was the first Old Gaytonian to be selected for Voluntary Service Overseas, and in 1967 he was teaching science at the Government Secondary School, Lundu.  In October 1967 he was going to continue his studies at St. Bartholomews Hospital Medical School.)

Suxamethonium and Heredity.  Dr. A. P. Bray.

Investigations of the Effect of Light Wavelength on the Relative Growth Rate of Mustard Seedlings.  G. E. Frost  & W. M. Allen.

Ecological Field Work in South Devon.  G. A. Murrell.

Some observations on th Common British Mole, Talpa europaea.  L. J. Pomeroy, B. Fischer and P. Newman.

An Investigation into the White Eyed Mutant of Drosophila melanogaster.  Paul Nurse.
(Sir Paul Nurse became the Director of the Imperial Cancer Institute and won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2001.  In 2004 he became President of Rockefeller University in New York.)

Closed Circuit Television as an Aid in the Teaching of Biology.  K. R. C. Neal.
(Mr. Keith Neal taught Biology at Harrow County.)

Angling as a Science.   G. Clingbine.

The Paint Industry.   R. Wallace.
(The Reverend Robert Wallace is Rector of Hutton Church in Essex.)

The Solubility of Lead Chloride in Hydrochloric Acid.  J. C. May, R. A. Looser & R. L. Tebbenham.
( Rowland Tebbenham lives in Towcester, Northants, and has worked with Bookham, Caswell for over 30 years in the world of optical components.  He is also Chairman of the local branch of the British Cactus and Succulent Society.)

The Design of a Private Automatic Telephone Exchange.  David T.  Looser.

A Transistorised Electronic Organ.  J. C. Clayton.

An Amateur Radio Station.  J. R. Whittington.

The Hartlepools - A geographical Study of Two Towns.  A. P. Middleton.

The British Aerospace Industry.  P. W. LeBlond & J. P. Crawford.

Village Survey of Bisley.  K. H. Evans & K. R. Abbott.

Village Survey of Edgeworth.  T. J. Rolph.

Leighton-Linslade.  C. P. Sewell-Rutter.
(Colin Sewell-Rutter was educated at the Universities of Bristol, Sussex and the LSE and later at Henley Management College. He has spent two-thirds of his career in the international airports business with BAA plc and one-third as a leadership adviser with The Results Partnership. In 2004 he joined the Trinity Forum as Executive Director, Europe.)

A Study of the Duntisbourne Valeyy.  M. Rix.

Agro-Meteorology.  P. Sadler.

Field Trip to Boxhill and Leith Hill.  L. C. Wright and J. O. Head.

The Development and Form of Thunderstorms.  A. Fowler.

Field Trip to the Barton (Hants) Area.  M. J. Taylor.
(Martin Taylor is a consultant Geologist living in Toronto, Canada. He has more than 30 years experience in the management of exploration programs, property evaluations, geological and mining reserve estimates and geological interpretations in the Middle East, Africa and the Philippines.)

A Preliminary Investigation of the Fabric of a Glacial Deposit.  A. P. Middleton.

A Brief Account of the Glacial Drift Deposits of the North Yorkshire Coast.  A. P. Middleton.

North Sea Gas.  J. Krause.

A Consideration of Symmetry in Morphological Crystallography.  P. Sadler & S. Sweetman.

Source: Enquiry, 1967

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