Harrow County School for Boys

Digging Trenches, October 1938

Heaps of familiar Harrow clay outline the trenches running around the southern end of the school field, protected by the concrete walls, whose erection some years ago caused heated controversy and tree-felling. Little then did we realise that one day some old soldier would commend the protection such a wall would offer from an attack coming London-wards. The trenches themselves and the scars the patient earth will bear for many years to come testify to the organised effort made during the crucial days of September, when the front line would not be elsewhere, but possibly for a few hectic minutes in our own field, so full of memories of Sports Days and cricket, staff matches and fetes.

Though the event was dire, it had the effect of welding the School even more firmly. Would that we, individually and nationally, could spring as fervently to action when Peace bugles her call!

Source: Gaytonian, October 1938

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