Harrow County School for Boys

Cross Country 1946-48

by C. R. Ponter (HCS 1941-48)

I was interested in the contribution made by Dennis Orme on the Cross Country Club and its history as I was part of the great run of success the school team enjoyed between 1947/ 48. At that time the home course was run around the boundary of the old golf course at Northwick Park (before the Hospital was built there ) - starting opposite ' The Ducker'  on the old Sheepcote Road - and heading towards the far boundary with the Met .railway line. Twice round seemed a long  three and a half miles!  For those of us not burly enough to get into the form/school rugby sides, this outlet gave us the opportunity to represent the School with some success.

To fill out some of the names involved in cross country in 1946/47/48 . the winning teams were

Dec.1946    N.W.Middx Grammar Schools Champs  @ Harrow Weald   -- H.C.S.  First out of  23 teams
    ( A.Wise  1st  :  N.Pedel  6th  : R.Coffin  7th  :  C. Ponter  9th )

Mar 1947     Highgate Harriers  Cup  @ Parliament Hill Fields, Hampstead   - H.C.S.  First out of 21 teams
    ( A.Wise 3rd  : N. Pedel  14th  ; R.Coffin  15th  : C. Ponter  16th )

Mar 1947     Middx. Grammar Schools Champs. @ Michenden School    - H.C.S.  First out of 23 teams
    ( A. Wise  3rd  : N. Pedel 10th : C.Ponter 12th : R. Coffin  13th  ; K. Sindall 22nd : R. Beishon  48th )

Dec.1947      Middx  Youths Champs. @ Whetstone  -  H.C.S   5th out of  13  clubs and schools
    ( A.Wise  6th : R. Hurd 19th  : Larcombe  27th )

Feb. 1948      N.W.Middx Grammar Schools Champs.  @ Northwick Park   - H.C.S.  First out of  9 teams
    ( B. Southwell  3rd : C.Ponter 4th : R. Newman  5th ; D. Hurd  11th :  D. Lawson 17th : E.A.Heslop  23rd )

Feb. 1948       Ranelagh Trophy  @ Petersham, Richmond   -- H.C.S.  First out of 14 teams
    ( B. Southwell  10th : C. Ponter 11th : D. Hurd  22nd  : D. Lawson  23rd )

Mar 1948        Highgate Harriers Cup  @ Hampstead    -- H.C.S.  First out of 14 teams
    ( B. Southwell  1st : D. Hurd  7th : C. Ponter  12th : R. Beishon 15th )

Mar 1948         Middx. Grammar Schools Champs. @ Northwick Park       H.C.S.   First out of 27 teams
    ( C. Ponter 9th : E.A. Heslop  17th : B.Southwell 23rd : D. Hurd  25th : R.Newman 33rd : D.Lawson 34th )

During the summer of 1948 this winning team disbanded, but we had put the School on the map !

Christopher R. Ponter ( 1941/48 )

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