Harrow County School for Boys

Cricket Team, 1st XI 1939 (School Year 1938-39)

(This photograph was scanned by Alex Bateman from the Gaytonian Archives.  Identifications by Philip Brooks, Ralph Jones and Bob Garratt.)

Back Row (L-R): Philip K. Brooks, X, X, X, T W (Bill) Winterbottom

Middle Row:  X, R O S (Ross) Salmon (Vice-Captain), X, Jack W B Grewcock (Captain), X

Front Row:  X, Isbister

The July 1939 Gaytonian listed the following in a Cricket Who's Who:  Grewcock (Captain), Salmon (Vice-Captain), Maclean (Secretary), Simson, Brooks, Higgs (Wicket Keeper), Moodie, Winterbottom (promoted during the season from the 2nd XI), Isbister, Austin, Foster, Tew.


Cricket, School v. Spring Grove County, May 20th 1939

On Saturday, May 20th, the School played at Spring Grove in the morning.  Because of the dew on the ground, which made the wicket very tricky, Grewcock put in our opponents on winning the toss.  His decision seemed to be justified when both Brooks and Salmon captured early wickets.  As the pitch dried off, however, wickets became more difficult to get until a fine spell of bowling by Brooks (7 for 16) finished off their innings for a meagre 37 runs.  Our innings started disastrously when Higgs and Simson were both out with only three runs on the board.  A stand by Salmon and Maclean, however, changed the whole game, and brought us within a few runs of their score, which Grewcock finished off.  Maclean was undefeated at the end with 40 well-earned runs to his credit.  This is our second successive victory by seven wickets.  (Source: Gaytonian, June 1939)


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