Harrow County School for Boys

Cricket 1944 (School year 1943-44)

With the close of another season we can, with one unmentionable exception, look back on a series of enjoyable matches.  Our home fixtures were again played in Harrow Recreational Ground, but happily the wicket was always very well prepared and I am sure our regular supporters enjoyed the cricket they saw there.

The first eleven was well beaten in a game against the School's A.T.C., which provided a keenness rivalled only in the House Matches.  In the latter, Preston came out on top, winning all their games.  The other houses shared the second position.

The second eleven had a very successful season, due largely to the captaincy of Hogg and the all-round performance of Anderson and Sutton.  Bishopshalt was the only team to beat them.

Our thanks go to Mr. Jones and other members of the Staff who "looked after us" at our matches; also to the supporters mentioned above.

K. P. Rackham     


May 13th 1944 - v. Kingsbury County School.  HCS 144 for 9 (Kendell 78); KCS 87 (Napper 3 for 22)

May 20th 1944 - v. Bishophalt County School.  HCS 67 for 9 (Groves 24); BCS 62 (Wilson 3 for 17)

June 10th 1944 - v. Harrow Weald County School.  HCS 93 (Rees 20, White 21); HWCS 22 (White 3 for 4, Wilson 3 for 5, Rackham 4 for 9)

June 17th 1944 - v. Kingsbury County School.  HCS 60 for 7 (Groves 26); KCS 21 (Wilson 7 for 4)

June 24th 1944 - v. Bishopshalt County School.  HCS 2; BCS 108 (Wilson 4 for 23)

July 1st 1944 - v. No. 551 A.T.C.  HCS 69 (Rees 37); A.T.C. 111 for 9 (Rowlinson 56, Napper 3 for 31)

July 8th 1944 - v. Lower School of John Lyon.  HCS 65 (Groves 17, Wilson 16 not out); LSJL 46 (Napper 7 for 26)

July 15th 1944 - v. Lower School of John Lyon. HCS 69 for 6 (Rackham 37 not out); LSJL 56 (Napper 7 for 15)

July 22nd 1944 - v. Harrow Weald County School. HCS 31 (Rees 14); HWCS 41 (Napper 6 for 11, Rackham 3 for 8)


Colours Re-Awarded - Rackham, Donaldson, Wilson, Kendell, Napper.
Colours Awarded - Groves, Rees D., White, Bellamy, Holman, Marsh, May, Hogg (Captain, 2nd XI)
Jenkins Memorial Trophy - Rackham
Batting Prize - Groves
Fielding Cup - D. Rees
Bowling Prize - Napper
Fowler Cup - Bellamy


RACKHAM (Capt.) (Jenkins Mem. Trophy, re-awarded Colours) - Able and ready to step in where needed. He has made good use of the material at his disposal, and worked up a successful and enjoyable season.

DONALDSON (Vice-Capt.) (re-awarded Colours) A sound and careful bat, and keen in the field. Whenever required he has discharged his duties as vice-captain ably and tactfully.

WILSON - Has shown exceptional ability as an opening bowler, taking 7 for 4 against Kingsbury. Re-awarded Colours.

NAPPER - His spin bowling has proved decisive in many matches. Awarded bowling prize. Re-awarded Colours.

KENDELL - Sound batsman, scoring 78 in first match of season. Re-awarded colours.

GROVES - Hard hitting opening batsman, with many high scores to his credit.  Awarded Batting Prize and colours.

REES, D. - Has had a good season, both batting and fielding stylishly and effectively.  Awarded Fielding Cup and Colours.

WHITE - A fast opening bowler, but tends to be erratic. Has ably filled the No. 2 batting position. Awarded Colours.

BELLAMY - Useful change bowler and effective tail-end batsman. Awarded Colours, and Cup for All-Round Improvement.

MARSH - started the season well, but has had no luck with the bat of late. Awarded Colours.

HOLMAN - Newcomer to School cricket, who failed to settle down in his batting, but has fielded well. Awarded colours.

MAY - Came into the Eleven when Kwendell left.  His wicket-keeping has been notable. Awarded Colours.

HOGG - A successful captain of the Second Eleven, who has earned his Colours.


Source:  Gaytonian, February 1945

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