Harrow County School for Boys


CIRCA 1943

(Note, this has now been identified as mislabelled, and identical to the Athletics Team 1945 photograph - the correct date)

(Identifications below by Geoff 'Tom' Taylor, Brian Hester and Stanley Weary)

Back Row L-R:  ?, ?, ?, E. E. Styles,  R. J. Clare, ?, ?, ?
Second Row:   Jim FitzGibbon, Addison, Ian Charlton, Tobert, D. M. Aspinall, Holdsworth (without the usual glasses, ?, B. Wood, S. G. W. Evans,  C. James
Front Row:   Rushton, ?, Pete D. Bellamy,  Mr. Parkinson, Mr. Randall Williams (Headmaster), Mr. Robinson, Kitson, Ken. A. Blackburn, Ken Groves
On the Ground:  ?,  ?,  ?,  ?,  ?,  ?

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