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Athletic Achievements 
(Information supplied by Dennis Orme)

Jack Powell.   Competed in the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics finishing 7th in the 800m final.   Also competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics and the 1934 Empire (now Commonwealth) Games and was a British International from 1931 to 1939.   He passed away in the early eighties.

Tom Misson .   Competed in 1960 Rome Olympics finishing 5th in the 50km walk.

Peter Griffiths   Competed in the 1970 Edinburgh Commonwealth Games in the 3000m steeplechase and also competed in the 1975 World Cross Country Championships.

Andy Kerr   Won a silver medal in weightlifting in the 1974 Christchurch Commonwealth Games.

G.A.G. Clark.   British International at long jump 1925 and 1926.

Bob Russell.   Represented Ireland in the high jump in the late sixties.

Richard Philps   British International at triple jump 1979.

Philip O'Brien   (HCS 1968-75).   Competed in the 1986 Edinburgh Commonwealth Games finishing 6th in the marathon.   Also competed in the 1983 World Cross Country Championships.   Forced to retire from athletics in the early nineties due to injury, he now runs his own computer consultancy.

Chris Finill   One of only a dozen or so who have competed in every London Marathon since 1981

Cross Country Club

The history of the CCC from 1945 to 2001 by Dennis Orme

Harrow Athletic Club

The  Old Gaytonians Athletic Club is now called Harrow Athletic Club but still uses the school badge and colours of
green and blue.  The Harrow Athletic Club website is   http://www.harrowac.freeserve.co.uk/

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