Harrow County School for Boys

(This document was originally reproduced in The Old Gaytonian 1991 from an original copy that had been saved by Nigel Denton.)

Preliminary Notice of Change in School Uniform Regulations

Dear Parent,

After a very long period of various experiments and concessions and a great deal of deliberation and consultation, I have eventually come to the following conclusions regarding the wearing of coats, whether of the mackintosh or overcoat variety:-

1.  The present great multiplicity of coats of various colours, shaped, designs and adornments, including fur collars, fancy buckles and ostentatious buttons, must come to an end.  The uniformity which so well exists beneath the coat in the way of blazers, etc., is completely obscured by the outward appearance of the young man, which in many cases, to say the least of it, does little credit to a grammar school of our supposed standing.

2.  I have decided that the solution lies not in the design, cut, shape or length, but in the colour.  The most suitable and becoming colour is, I feel, without doubt, dark navy blue.  Whether, therefore, the coat be a shorter coat or a longer jacket, or a shorter jacket or a longer coat, or even a duffel coat, our regulation will be satisfied if strict adherence be maintained in respect of the aforementioned single colour.

3.  Clearly an ample sufficiency of notice must be served.  I would therefore, in the first place, for September 1965, simply ask all parents to do their best, consistent with their financial resources, to provide such coats for their sons.  In the second place, I think that the ultimate deadline of September 1966 as the time beyond which each boy or young man should be so equipped for the winter months, would be reasonable.

As far as shoes are concerned, these should preferably be of leather and back in colour, of usual design, not of the elastic-sided variety.  Brown leather shoes are, however, permissible.  The only deviation from leather shoes allowed is in respect of the sixth form who may wear suede shoes, but the colour must be dark brown.

Knowing Harrow County and its parents as I think I do, I feel certain that the vast majority of parents will not only welcome this change but strongly align themselves in a stand which must be taken to maintain, in days of massive teenage innovation, the cherished standards of our British schools.  The School, I consider, is certainly no place for casual weekend wear.

Thanking you in anticipation of your valued co-operation, I am,

Yours sincerely,
A. R. Simpson




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