Aiken Rodney Eugene 31/10/56 N Contacted
  Ali Mansoor Anwar 2/11/56 P Contacted?
  Amin Vashisrha   24/8/57 W No Reply
  Ashleigh Phillip Stephen 11/12/56 P No Reply
  Attfield Kevin Nigel 23/4/57   Left 1969
  Baker Trevor Arthur 8/9/56 N  
  Ball Martin Peter 17/8/57 N  
  Bellis Steven Brian 14/4/57 P Contacted
  Bennett Andrew Colin 17/6/57    
  Bennett Gareth Leslie Esmond 24/7/57    
  Bernstone Derek Robert 27/11/56 N No Reply
  Beswick Stewart Neil 15/3/57 P  
  Blackman Ronald Stephen 21/7/57 W Died 1974
  Bond Christopher Richard 12/3/57 N  
  Bowers John Andrew 20/3/57    
  Campion Paul Nicholas 21/7/57 N Contacted
  Carter Philip David 30/10/56    
  Cawley John Anthoney 18/1/57 W  
  Chisholm Paul Whitridge 7/2/57    
  Clare Edward   15/9/57 W Contacted
  Clark David John 14/1/57   Contacted?
  Coles Simon Robert Wilfrid 24/1/57 P Contacted
  Cordy Michael John 22/10/56 P Contacted
  Cotton Gary Ross 4/4/57 P  
  Dalton David William 8/3/57 P Contacted
  David Peter John 5/2/57 N  
  Davies Neil Valentine 14/2/57   Contacted
  Davies Derrick John 20/1/57 N Contacted
  Day Alan William 3/??/57 P  
  Day Michael James 31/12/56 P  
  Dibben Michael Paul 24/9/56 P Contacted
  Dickinson David John 31/1/57 W  
  Diner Paul Malcolm 15/12/57 P Contacted
  Doble Andrew Ronert 22/9/56    
  Doggett Nigel Harold 6/5/57 N Contacted
  Doo Steven   17/5/57 W Contacted
  Dooley Lawrence Christopher 20/6/57 P Contacted
  Ebbs Paul Stephen 2/10/56 P Contacted
  Edwards Jeffrey James 15/1/57    
  Edwards Kevin   12/2/57 W  
  Farr Stephen Walter George 17/9/56 N Contacted
  Ferguson Richard Stewart 17/6/57 P Contacted?
  Fine Stephen Leslie 8/3/57   No Reply
  Flack Andrew Douglas 28/5/57 P Contacted
  Florsheim Alan Malcolm 3/6/57 W Contacted
  Fox Quentin Joseph 19/3/57 N Contacted
  Gagola Richard John 4/3/57 P Contacted
  Gall Martin Richard 11/12/56 W No Reply
  Garrod Ian   8/9/56 P Contacted
  Glover Nigel John 28/5/57 P No Reply
  Glynne Anthoney Ian Michael 7/5/57 N Contacted
  Graham John Anthony 8/10/56 N Contacted
  Green Stephen Richard 6/4/57 P Contacted
  Guthrie Adrian Malcolm 3/5/57 W Not coming
  Hanspal Harjit Singh 16/1/57 N Died 1998
  Hardy Paul   16/3/57 P Contacted
  Hargood Peter Andrew 27/2/57 P Contacted
  Harratt Philip David 21/10/56 W Not coming
  Harvey Dennis Charles 26/4/57 W Contacted
  Hawkes Martin Rodwell 26/3/57 P Contacted
  Healy Stuart Malcolm     No Reply
  Heath Malcolm Frederick 24/1/57 N Contacted
  Holme Adrian Frederick 10/3/57 P Contacted
  Hopkins Michael John 30/10/56 W Contacted
  Howells Gary   27/6/57 W  
  Hunt Christopher John 10/3/57 P Contacted
  Jeffers John Kevin 17/7/57 N Contacted
  Jeffreys Paul Robert 31/10/56 K  
  Jenkins David Anthoney 7/3/57 W Contacted
  Jones David Lloyd 4/5/57 N Contacted
  Joyce Peter George Howell 27/3/57 N  
  July Charles Louis Anton 17/2/57 K Contacted
  Kell Steven Christopher 25/4/57 N  
  Kendall Philip Brian 14/10/56 N  
  Kent Russell Stephen 10/3/57 N Contacted
  Kew Geoffrey Russell 31/1/57 K  
  Kinmond Geoffrey Scott 18/2/57 K No Reply
  Kopelman Barry Michael 4/8/57 W  
  Lane Gordon Edward 9/6/57    
  Lavender Richard John 26/2/57 K Contacted?
  Lewis Graham Anthony 25/3/57 W Contacted?
  Mainprize Peter Roy 10/6/57 K No Reply
  Mash Ian   29/4/57 K Contacted
  Mason David   17/8/57 K  
  Maton Kevin Barry 7/3/57 K Contacted
  Michaels Jonathon Anthony 15/10/56   Contacted
  Mulliner Stephen James 3/1/57 N Contacted
  Myrants Peter Ralph 24/11/56 W Contacted
  O’Brien Philip Edward 17/5/57 K No Reply
  Palmer Keith Neil 26/2/57 N  
  Phippen Stephen James 3/11/56 K No Reply
  Plow Geoffrey Arthur 11/6/57   Contacted
  Pratt Ian Derek 11/5/57 K  
  Price Andrew Charles 1/8/57    
  Price Gareth Rutherford 8/8/57 K Contacted
  Proudfoot Robert Neil 19/10/56   Contacted
  Ransom Colin Paul 23/2/57    
  Reynolds Martin Frederick 6/2/57 P  
  Rigby Stephen John 6/2/57 W Contacted
  Robson Alan   5/4/57 K No Reply
  Rubenstein Raymond Alan 13/5/57 W Contacted
  Samuel Anthony George 18/9/56 N  
  Samuels Martin Philip 24/7/57   Contacted
  Sharpe Barry Thomas 6/2/57 K Contacted
  Skiller Christopher John 26/7/57 W Contacted
  Smith Ian Richard 16/10/56 N  
  Smithson Graham John 22/4/57 N Contacted?
  Snow Donald Harry 13/1/57 K Contacted
  Sterling Michael Andrew 30/5/57 K  
  Stirling Alisdair Young 26/5/57 K Contacted
  Stone Sean   3/2/57 N Contacted
  Sugar Laurence Mark 30/9/56 K Contacted
  Thompson Gary   28/3/57 W Contacted
  Thorne Ian Wendell 6/10/56 W Contacted
  Tiley Mark Stephen 8/2/57   Contacted
  Tilley Peter Frank 1/8/57 K  
  Tomski Robert Maurice Ernest 19/6/57 K Contacted
  Wentford Neil Anthony 10/8/57 N No Reply
  West Philip Sharland 22/2/57 P Contacted
  Wheeler Brian Edward 29/4/57 N Contacted
  Wheeler John Stephen 29/4/57 N Contacted
  Whittick Greg   12/10/56 K Contacted
  Wilkey Anthony Donald 29/4/57 P Contacted
  Wilkins Stephen Robin 20/3/57 K No Reply
  Woodcock Jonathan   2/12/56 W Contacted
  Wright Andrew Charles 4/8/57 N  
  Yarrow David Alan 3/6/57 K Contacted
  Yates Vernon Spencer 22/10/56 K Died 1992
  Young Nicholas Stephen 7/2/57 W Contacted



    1. This list was compiled from the school’s admissions records kindly provided by
      Alex Bateman,the school archivist.
    2. Some information may have been obscured in the process of FAXing the documents
      between the organisers of this reunion. In particular, some birthdays may not be correct.
    3. The ‘House’ column has been populated from memory. This may be unreliable. Where I
      haven’t got a clue, I’ve left it out. Not bad for 33 years later, though.
    4. Definition of Status column
      Contacted – We’ve spoken to them, they’ve spoken to us. Sometimes both.
      Contacted? – Someone we’ve spoken to says they’ll speak to them.
      No Reply – We’ve written to them or a whole load of people with the same name, they
      haven’ t written back .
      Not coming – Contacted, but not able to attend.
      Died – Steve, Verni and Bill RIP



David Lloyd-Jones (1N 32) August 2nd 2001


Brophy Simon       Not coming
  Campbell John       Contacted
  Healy Kieran       Contacted
  Lance Paul        
  Lurie Greg       Contacted
  Maughan Paul Stephen 12/10/56   Contacted
  Pellatt Nigel       Contacted
  Sanders Steven       Contacted?
  Stott Mark Anthony 30/8/57   Contacted
  Szechi Daniel       Not coming
  Thakar Uday       Contacted



This is a list of those who joined the 1968 intake after the 1st year. It has been compiled from memory,
and emails from Australia, hence the lack of details and the addition of Oily. Sorry, mate!