Harrow County School for Boys

Gaytonian 1954

There were two issues in 1954 - July and December.   Here are some highlights:

Gaytonian July 1954

News and Notes

The end of this academic year will see the departure of two very senior members of the Common Room.  Mr. H. W. Brister, deputy Headmaster of the School, and Head of the Mathematics department, and Mr. W. Heys, Head of the Physics Department, leave after many years.
Welcome newcomers to the Common Room are Mr. L. Rawnsley (Physics), Mr. J. Golland and Mr. T. S. Turnbull, both of whom have joined the English Department.

The following have been awarded Scholarships:  M. A. Ager, at Oriel College, Oxford, in Classics; R. A. Back, at Imperial College, London, in Physics and Chemistry, M. Foakes, at University College, Exeter, in Physics and Chemistry; R. Franks, at King's College, London, in Mathematics; R. A. Mackenzie, at Trinity College, Cambridge, in Classics; L. A. Taylor, Exhibition to Hertford College, Oxford, in Mathematics; I. O. Walker, at Birmingham University, in Physics and Chemistry.

The following have obtained Commonerships: A. R. Lawson, at St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford, History;  R. Stoddard, at Keble College, Oxford, English;  G. Thurley, at Downng College, Cambridge, English;  H. T. D. White, at Trinity College, Oxford, Economics;   H. Inselburg, at Exeter College, Oxford, Modern Languages;  R. A. Coombe, at St. Peter's Hall, Oxford, Physics and Mathematics;  R. A. Mackenzie, at Trinity College, Cambridge, Classics.

The following have been awarded cadetships at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst:   J. A. Evans, M. E. Jones, M. Kan and D. Palmer.

Gaytonian December 1954

School Officers - 1954-5

School Captain: W. A. Allen
Vice-Captain: R. L. Joseph
Senior Prefects: T. E. Burns, C. K. A. Glass, J. D. Morris, K. C. Perry, M. J. Silver, R. H. Silver, J. J. Wilkes.
Junior Prefects: G. Abrahams, R. J. G. Annan, J. D. Armstrong, M. J. Baldwin, J. Booth, D. T. Broadwith, V. P. E. Corney, D. J. Dee, P. A. Doye, J. A. Eaton, J. H. Farman, C. V. D. Forrington, M. J. Frost, G. R. I. Heaton, R. A. Heeks, A. M. Humphrey, M. F. James, M. L. W. Jennings, M. B. Kershen, B. R. Langton, A. J. Ley, A. E. Mettler, P. J. Norton, G. L. Selman, C. V. Skinner, S. P. Solomons, D. H. Udall, W. J. Wallond, A. S. Whike.
House Captains:  KENTON - C. V. D. Forrington, NORTHWICK - R. L. Joseph, PRESTON - W. A. Allen, WELLDON - T. E. Burns.
Captain of Rugby Football: J. D. Morris
Captain of Cross Country: B. Pressman
Captain of Swimming: A. M. Humphrey

News and Notes

As most of the school is aware, at the end of this term Mr. W. H. King, Head of the Modern Languages Department, is to retire... Mr. King has been part of Harrow Couty School for forty-three years.
As a result of the July G. C. E. examinations, State Scholarships were awarded to:-

J. D. Booth (Pure and Applied Maths. with Chemistry); R. Coombe (Pure Maths. and Physics with Applied Maths.); V. P. E. Corney (Latin and Greek with Ancient History); C. V. D. Forrington (Pure and Applied Maths. with Chemistry); C. Gent (Pure Maths. and Physics with Applied Maths.); C. K. Glass (Pure and Applied Maths. with Chemistry); J. S. Grove (Economics and Economic History with British Constitutional History); B. J. D. Harvey (Pure and Applied Maths. with Physics); A. C. Parker (Pure and Applied Maths. with Physics); G. F. Winter (Pure and Applied Maths. with Physics).

P. T. Mayfield has been awarded a cadetship (Elecrical Branch) to Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.

R. V. L. Peters, who has gained a Firth Class Honours Degree in Engineering at University College, London, was awarded the Vernon-Harcourt prize for distinction in Civil Engineering.

The School Organ

On July 6th a ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of the school organ.   New visitors to the hall must have swiftly looked towards the loft where the pipes are housed, their gilt set off against the drape of blue curtains.

The headmaster delivered a factual report on the organ, outlining the difficult history of its financing and construction.  Mr. Thorn, rejuvenated by the fulfilment of his labours, with an effervescent verve hastened to conduct Mrs. Randall Williams to the console, which she ceremonially unlocked.

The Rev. Randall Williams, former Headmaster of the school, who had shared the initial struggles with Mr. Thorn, then proceeded to the Service of dedication...

Dramatic Society

Once more a thriving force within the school, the Dramatic Society has decided to present Shakespear's "Richard II" for its first production in the New Hall.   The extremely interesting play will be produced by Mr. Golland.  With a cast of over seventy, rehearsals have been in progress for some time now in preparation for the Public Performance during the week ending March 26th, 1955.

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