Harrow County School for Boys

Gaytonian 1952

There were three issues in 1952 - February, July and December.   Here are some highlights:

Gaytonian February 1952

It was a very great shock to us all to hear of the sudden death during the Christmas holidays of D. R. W. Hartland...

Happier news... was the award of an Open scholarship in English to Downing College, Cambridge, to C. R. Levenson, whose name appears so frequently in this number of the magazine.  It is a well-deserved official recognistion of a talent for writing which ranges from poetry to House concert scripts.

Cross-Country Club

The school cross-country team has made a good start to the 1951-52 running season.

On November 10th, at Ruislip, in the inter-school race, organised by Finchley Harriers, the school "A" team, with 78 points, came second out of a total of seven teams.  ..  our first two men home were W. Pain (captain) and B. Tyler, who finished 6th and 8th respectively.

On the following Saturday, the school's senior and junior teams met Bishopshalt School at Hillingdon, for a friendly match...  W. Pain won the longer event in 19 minutes, 2 seconds, being closely followed by A. Spinks (4th), C. Gent (5th), and D. Dowding (6th).  The Junior race was also won by a Harrow County member, John Steward.
From the results last term, our teams bid fair to do even better during the remaining part of the winter season.  Seniors especially congratulated on their running are, Spinks (who unfortunately left us at Christmas), Dowding, Tyler and Gough.  There is no doubt that our juniors show great promise:  Stewart, Ruhl, Heeks and Stroud, in particular, have done well.

Our thanks are due to Mr. C. Crinson, for his attendance and constant encouragement at all the meetings.


The final placings of the Houses after the sports on July 16th (1951 - ed.) was:

1.  Kenton        200 pts.
2.  Preston        144 pts.
3.  Weldon        100 pts.
4.  Northwick    74 pts.

The Senior Championship was won by C. Fruin, the junior Championship by M. Smith; and the Plunge cup by Gillard.


Bronze Medallion - Cooper, B. E., Dickins, C. G., Foakes, M. C. , Gent, G. M., Medland, A. S., Oldfield, H. G., Smith, B. E., Smith, J. S., Thorpe, W. E.
First Bar to Medallion - Adamson, K. C., Everitt, J. L., Ford, E., Vandersteen, M. H.
Second Bar to Medallion - Norman, R. A.
Third Bar to Medalion - Hill, R. J., Pain, W. G.
Bronze Cross - Ford -  E., Gillard, P. J., Medlands, A. S., Oldfield, H. G.
Bar to Bronze Cross - Hill, R. J., Pain, W. G.
Instructor - Ford, E., Thorpe, W. E.

Gaytonian July 1952

School Officers - 1951-2

Captain: D. R. Norman
Vice-Captain: D. R. Diamond
Senior Prefects: C. R. Ganellin, R. J. Hill, A. A. Hodge, R. B, Moodie, W. G. Pain, H. E. Probyn, T. Stanley, A. R. Titchener, M. J. Webster
Prefects: M. A. Ager, A. E. Berry, M. E. Bristow, A. E. Crudas, M. Diamond, D. J. Edwards, D. F. Forsyth, R. Franks, C. W. Gear, C. J. Groom, R. O. Iredale, P. Lacey, B. G. Lord, R. G. Mackay, D. V. Maddock, G. Norman, L. Pollard, C. W. Skingle, I. Yass.
House Captains:  T. Stanley (K), B. G. Lord (N), H. E. Probyn (P), D. R. Norman (W)
Rugger Captain: R. J. Tapper
Athletics Captain: T. Stanley
Cricket Captain: G. Norman
Secretary VIth Form Society: D. R. Diamond

News and Notes

We welcome to the Common Roon Mr. R. A. Goff, to teach Economics, Mr. D. H. Tatler, to teach Biology; and Mr. H. W. Tricket, who is taking the place of Mr. Eagers during the latter's illness.

Of our old boys... we hear that R. J. Bannard (1941-48) came first in order of merit in his entry of flight cadets at the Royal Air Force College, Cranwell.

S. Rollins (1947-51) was commissioned Pilot-Officer recently and is now doing flying training at Gwelo, Southern Rhodesia.

M. J. McNair (1943-48) was (we are grieved to hear it) killed in a flying accident at the very completion of training with the royal Air Force.


1st XV.  Played 15.  Won 7.  Drew 1.  Lost 7.
Last season was only an average one as far as results go.  But since the team was on the young side the real results were quite good.  Our best wins were against the Old Gaytonians, St. Olave's and St. Marylebone Grammar School, and the game against Harrow, although lost 14-6, was our best performance as we had only 14 men for 90% of the game.

Many thanks are due to Mr. Mees and Mr. Morgans for the sterling work done, and the interest taken in not only the 1st XV but in all school teams.  Congratulations are to be given to G. Norman on his gaining England "caps" against France and Wales.   Norman, Maddock and Tapper played for the Middlesex Public schools' XV, and for Middlesex, for whom Lord and Yass also played.

School Play - Busman's Honeymoon (click here)

Gaytonian December 1952

News and Notes

Mr. S. F. Fooks, our Senior English Master, is retiring this month.

Very welcome to the Common Room this term are the new masters:  Mr. D. S. Anderson (Biology), Mr. H. W. Collins (Metalwork), Mr. R. E. Kern (Modern Languages), Mr. G. B. Marchant (Classics), Mr. A. J. Whiteside (Economics), and Mr. G. Williams (P. T.); the new Modern Language Assistants: Mm. Egli and Francois; and the new student masters: Messrs. Boorman, Crick, Gbeddie, and Murphy.

The school provided 8 of the Middlesex Schools' XV which played v. Essex:  Tapper, Wells, Norman, Maddock, Clarke, Lawson, Mettler ansd Taylor.  The first six of these were selected to play for a North of London Schools' side.

The following were selected for the Middlesex Schools "under 15" XV v. Essex:   Gough, Rosenthal, Williams, James.

Eight State Scholarships were gained this year: a number which seems to be a record for any Middlesex school.  They were awarded to:

D. L. Jones - Art, French
L. N. Needleman - Econ., Econ. History
C. W. Gear - Pure and Applied Maths
R. J. Halford - Physics, Applied Maths
R. B. Moodie - Physics, Chemistry
H. G. Moring - Pure and Applied Maths
A. G. Sercombe - Pure and Applied Maths
J. B. Bird - Physics, Chemistry

and one Reserve:
R. Franks - Physics, Applied Maths.

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