Harrow County School for Boys


The Hall was crowded on Saturday, January 21st, when the school was publicly opened by County Alderman Colonel Bowles, J.P., M.A.  On the platform, in addition to the Governors, were the Rev. Prebendary Joyce, M.A., the Vicar of Harrow, Mr. County Alderman W. Regester, Chairman of the Middlesex County Council, County Councillor A. W. Perkins, Chairman of the Education Sites Committee, Mr. B. S. Gott, M.A., the Clerk to the Governors, Mr. H. G. Crothall, the Architect, and many other distinguished visitors.

The first staff were:

January 1911
Mr. Ernest Young, B.Sc., F.R.G.S. (Headmaster)
Mr. W. Carran, M.A.
Mr. D. Imrie, B.A.
Mr. J. Patterson

February 1911
Mr. P. L. Godwin

May 1911
Mr. W. A. R. Richardson, B.Sc.
Mr. Russell Wheeler, B.A. (killed in France, December 1916)

October 1911
Mr. E. Lightley, B.Sc.
Mr. G. Neal
Mr. W. S. Walton, B.A., B.Litt.

January 1912
Mr. W. H. King, B.A.

The original 75 boys were:

Form I
E. G. Bailey 
C. A. Bartlett  (B.Sc.  Living in Aylebury in 1929, 1933.)
C. R. Becket
G. W. A. Beet (Gerald Beet won a Junior County Scholarship in 1914.  He was killed in the First World War)
G. D. Berry
C. G. Bowick (One of three brothers, who left Harrow County for Bedford Grammar School.  Charles Bowick was killed in the First World War)
V. H. Comben
J. Condie  (Living in Derby in 1929)
J. Dagley
E. Davies
E. C. Dodds  (Professor Sir Charles Dodds, M.V.O., M.D., D.Sc., Head of the Courtauld Institute, Middlesex Hospital, Fellow of the Royal Society.  Edward Charles Dodds was born on 13th October 1899.  He died on 16th December 1973.)
F. Drage
N. A. Downs (Norman Downs was Swimming Champion, 1916, member of Old Gaytonians Dramatic Club.  He died at Sidmouth on May 1st, 1976.)
W. G. Farley
D. M. Hambly (School Captain April-July 1916, B.Sc., Executive Engineer, Indian Railway Service of Engineers, Peshawar, India, 1929.  In Lahore, India in February 1933)
J. P. Hamilton (John Hamilton was killed in the First World War)
H. J. Kemp
C. N. Page 
F. C. Restall (In the service of the Port of London Authority in 1917, at Goldsmith's college in 1920)
L. F. Rippon
C. L. Savill
H. F. Stone (Harry Stone "returned to the Executive" of the Old Gaytonians Association in November 1929,and was Chairman from 1931 to 1938.  He died in December, 1969)
C. S. Thom
P. C. Trewhitt
C. W. Troke
J. Wood (James Wood was killed in the First World War)
D. S. Woodbridge
L. H. H. Young.  (In South Africa in 1929)

Form II
C. Bourne
C. F. Butter
H. E. Carter
R. A. Cole  (Chairman of the Old Gaytonians Association 1938-47)
A. G. Cooper
E. Dew
C. A. Farley
H. S. Golding
V. C. Griffin
J. B. Hall
G. H. Hawker
H. G. Helyar
H. C. Krikorian
A. R. Newson
W. T. Perkins
E. A. Powell (Ernest Powell was killed in the First World War)
H. C. Thom
F. A. Waters.  (1911-13. Went to sea. Joined the Ellerman and Bucknall Steamship Co. in 1915.)

Form III
H. A. J. Baker (Swimming Champion, 1913 & 1914)
K. Buchholtz
S. J. Burch  (Sydney John Burch died on April 23rd, 1933, aged 35.)
H. N. Butter  (Living in Cheshire in 1929)
A. T. (Temple) Cooper
R. E. Crocker  (Member of Football Team. Left Harrow in May, 1914.)
D. A. Davies (Senior Sports Champion, 1913)
L. G. Davies
E. A. C. Dubois  (Edward Dubois was at Chittagong in Bengal in February 1933)
E. F. Farnhill
G. R. Fryer (Reg Fryer became a Captain in the 10th Lancashire Fusiliers before the age of 20)
C. Greenwood
R. J. Harman
R. D. Hart (Robert "Bob" Hart was School Captain 1913-14. He was killed in the First World War.)
J. E. R. Harwood (Raymond Harwood - member of Old Gaytonians Dramatic Club)
W. C. Harwood
L. Helliwell
K. Hunt (Kenneth Hunt was the first School Captain, 1912-13)
R. G. Ingram
C. A. Knowles  (1911-13.  Was Prefect and Stanmore House Captain 1912-13.)
A. W. Purton  (Arthur Purton was Producer and leader of the Old Gaytonians Dramatic Club for many years)
V. L. A. Sainsbury (Victor Sainsbury was School Captain September 1915-March 1916.  He drowned on July 7th, 1921, while bathing in the river Wye.)
H. R. Seamark (Henry Seamark, a Prefect,  was killed in the First World War)
A. F. E. Short  (1911-12.  Prefect 191-12.  Captain of Kenton (Cock House) 1912. Eric Short was a founder of the Old Gaytonian Association.  He married Beatrice Deacon.  He was a life governor of Harrow Hospital. Organiser of the Harrow Hospital Carnival.  He died, suddenly,  after a short illness on December 14th 1934)
L. C. Venning
G. F. Wharton   (Living in Oxford in 1929)
S. K. Wilson (Keith Wilson passed his City and Guilds Diploma in Electrical Engineering, 1917. In 1929 he was in Italy, installing "Talkies" in Rome.)
L. W. Wood
W. Zealey.

The above names are from the "Book of Commemoration", published in 1932.

The following names are those who started school in 1911, presumably for the school year 1911-12:

Killed in the First World War:  William Bowick, Frank Cozins, Eric Green, Paul Goldenburg (in the French army),  Guy Stewart, Albert Sugars, William Vokes and George Zealey.

Other names (Entered school in October 1911?):

A. Aris, 
E. E. Bowles (1911-16. Chartered Accountant.)
D. C. Bullock 
M. Bingham (1911-18.  At school as M. B. Wolfsky.  He changed his name by deed poll to Maurice Bingham on 7th March 1930, when he was living at 63 Southfield Park, North Harrow.) 
Butson, H E  (Won an open scholarship to Merchant Taylors School, 1914.  Author of a chapter on The Banking System of the United Kingdom, in a book entitled "Foreign Banking Systems" by Parker Willis and Beckhart of Colombia University.)
F. H. Demus (In New Zealand in Canada, USA and then New Zealand from 1919.  Worked on farms and then on bridge work for a contractor.  In New Zealand 1929, 1932)  
Downs, F E (Francis Downs was co-business manager of the Old Gaytonians Dramatic Club in the 1920s.) 
H. R. G. Evans (Lived at Westcliff.  Died of pneumonia following an operation to have a leg amputated in 1962.)
Cecil A. Farley  (Passed the Matriculation Examination of London University in 1915.)
H. Perry Fleet (in Sommerville, Massachussets, USA in 1927) 
J. P. Helin (Jules Helin was noted for his fine voice, as an Old Gaytonian, in 1929.) 
J. E. S. Kenningham 
F.J. King (At Surrey Hills, Victoria, Australia in 1929) 
A.W.Kitch (1911-15.  Assistant Librarian in 1914.  Died in 1970.  He left a bequest to the School, to enable boys leaving School to attend a college of music.  The first recipient of the award was Austin Rowlands.) 
R. H. Lock 
H. A. Mabey (In Hong Kong in 1929, 1932) 
R. J. A. Mitton  (Left school in 1914, joined the Forces, and saw service in India and the Far East.   Living at Portbury, Somerset, near Bristol, in 1933) 
F. Nash (for many years in Buenos Aires, returned to Pinner Green in 1933) 
W. G. Oakley  (He won a Junior County Scholarship in 1914.) 
R. F. Palmer  (1911-13. Passed the examination of the Scottish Union Assurance Company, 1914)
A. J. Parvin 
J. V. Peall, (1911-17.  Brother of R. H. Peall (1919-20)) 
A. F. Poskitt 
L. Rollings 
H. Salmon 
F. Symes 
E. Taylor (1911-14. Eric Taylor died of pneumonia on February 26th, 1929.) 
P. L. Taylor (Philip L. Taylor left school in 1917 to join the RAF. After six years with the design office at De Haviland's, at Stag Lane Airodrome, he became Works Superintendent of the De Haviland Aircraft Company of Australia in January 1927.) 
D. F. F. Thomson (1911-14. Led an Ethnological expedition n Queensland in 1929 on behalf of the Australian Government.) 
W. I. C. Townsend 
G. W. Wood.

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