Harrow County Staff

Mr. R. M. Millard

from Cadet 1963

Captain Millard has lived in Harrow all his life, and attended Vaughan School, where he would have stayed to continue his studies if he had not joined the Army when he was sixteen.

He served with the 3rd Hussars, and went to India for two years before returning to be stationed in York.  At the outbreak of war he went into the Corps of Military Police, where he remained until 1945.  His duties with the Police included searching for deserters, and ensuring that Army vehicles were being fully and properly used.

During the war Capt. millard made two beach landings - one at Anzio (where he was with the first British Division), and the other at Salerno, both in Italy.  On these occasions the police were responsible for the landing of the troops onto the beaches.  He reached the rank of W.O.I. in the Military Police.

When he first came to the school in January 1946, he taught swimming and continued this until 1954, when he changed to Laboratory work.  Capt. Millard joined the cadets in 1952, and since then has attended most camps and courses of instructions.

Capt. Millard's interests include swimming, water polo, riding and hunting (he has hunted with the Enfield Chase and Pinner Drag Hunt), playing hockey in India with his regiment, and some rugby in Italy for the British Military Police.  When with the Military Police he rode several Musical Rides.  In his youth, he also appeared at Wembley Stadium for a Harrow schools team.  Two attempted crossings of the English Channel have just been unsuccessful for him, as both times he had to give up after 10 hours in the water.

"The Corps trains a boy for outside life, and gives him confidence by lecturing to other boys.  He gains ability to instruct and lead - all of which is bound to be of certain benefit." - This is what Capt. Millard feels is the aim of the C.C.F.  His one hope before retiring is to see the new buildings erected for cadet Training purposes.

At school he is known by cadets in all forms as a man happy to giove advice and encouragement, when it is needed.  this particularly applies to recruits, who are often bewildered on first entering the Corps, but Capt. Millard is always ready to explain and straighten out their difficulties.

he is one of the most popular officers in the C.C.F., although responsible for most financial aspects of the Army Section - a position which he operates very efficiently!  He also cheerfully supplies much of the information for the routine administrative work of the Army section, for which members of the Orderly Room for a long time have had to be thankful.  Both his wide experience and his never-failing kindliness and friendliness are a source of great strength to the C.C.F.

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