Old Gaytonians Poetry Corner

Published by Sidney F. Fooks, former English Master at Harrow County, in "Winchcombe Verses VIII" in 1988, when he was 97 years old.

The Roll-Call

Andrews I, Andrews A, Ackroyd, Antoine, Armitt,
Bateman R .H., Blunden, Burnett, Beckett, Clifton,
Copeland, Cunningham, Corbett, Dickins, Earl,
Edis R, Edis P, Gleadle, Guy, Heslop, Heyes, Hart,
Jones D, Johnson, Joynes, Jackson, Levenson, Nyburg,
Osmond, Oberst, Port, Price, Roberts, Reachill,
Cardew Robinson, Smith M, Streddar, Snelling,
Seagrove, Stuff, Spears, Stratton, Thompson J,
Wimbush, White, Widdes, Welch, Wilson, Young.

A Rich Reward

What a noble roll-call
Of men that I knew
When they were in knicker-bockers,
Let me give them their due.

Not a single one threw an ink-pot at me
On the contrary they were always as good as can be,
What an interest it was to see Scholarship flower
Successful careers in service or power!

I give them my thanks for enriching me mind
With memories of school days in which I find
Constant renewal : that my endeavour
Has created friendship be with me ever.

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