Harrow County Staff

Mr. H. W. Webb

We were distressed to learn of the death of Mr. H. W. Webb on December 11th last year.   He was a well-loved master, in charge of Woodwork.  He served the school from 1927 until his retirement in 1960.  Although he could be outspoken when provoked by stupidity, he was usually cordial and benevolent.  More than one young schoolmaster has benefited from his kindly advice as well as from his sharp quips.  He loved rugby and foreign travel, and he served the school well in both directions.  He retired to Suffolk, where he was granted a few short years to spend in contemplation over his fishing rod.

Obituary in Gaytonian 1968

Bernard Gillespie (HCS 1939-44) writes:

I want to talk about Mr H W Webb (Cob Webb).  As you will have gathered from my piece he was one of my favorite teachers  -  he was a no-bullshit, straightforward teacher who knew his subject and was enthusiastic about it.   As the only Distinction awarded to me in the Matric exam was his subject of 'mechanical drawing' both he and I felt pretty chuffed. 

The photograph (from Bernard Gillespie) is of Mr. Webb as an ATC officer about 1943.

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