Harrow County School for Boys

Mr. Herbert New

Bert New, who taught the clarinet at Harrow County during the 1950's and 60's, died last December aged 78.   He was principal clarinet in the London Philharmonic Orchestra after the War until he rejoined the BBC, where he played in the BBC Symphony Orchestra until he retired in 1975.

A.W. writes: "I first met 'Mr New' at HCGS in 1955. He was a quiet and self-effacing man but a wonderful teacher, a fact known only to his few pupils, as he could be shy in the extreme.

It was at the Royal College of Music that I discovered that Bert New was a distinguished orchestral musician, with an international reputation as an expert in his speciality. Most of the boys he taught had no idea of his achievements or his reputation (and Bert would never tell them), but I remember him as a gentleman and a friend."

Reprinted from the 1989 Old Gaytonian by permission of Colin Dickins.

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