Harrow County School for Boys

Miss Beatrice "Trix" Gower and Mr. Jack Hackman

Mr. Hackman joined Harrow County in 1932 and left in 1947. Miss Gower joined Harrow County in 1942, when several lady teachers joined the school - teaching in a boys school under wartime conditions.  She left in 1946.

"A long period of service has closed for Mr. Hackman, who has safely piloted many through the economics courses in the Upper School, as well as giving most generously of time, interest, and energy in many activities, the chief of which are Careers and National Savings.  He leaves us to become Lecturer in Economics of Kingston Technical College." (Gaytonian, July 1947)

Brian Hester writes:

I remember Trixie well. In fact I formed part of the guard of honour provided by the ATC when she, known more formally at the time as Miss Beatrice Gower, married Jack Hackman, a dashing, eligible bachelor teacher of economics etc, at a church in Surbiton - probably in 1946. I recall her as well-liked and able to control the mob of boys entrusted to here care. I believe she taught French, but never to me. 

"Trixie" as she was known, joined Jack in supervising lunch in what was then one of the two lunch rooms at the top of the stairs opposite the clock. Jack and Trixie surrounded themselves with senior boys and kept up stimulating conversation. George Thorne in the other room allowed no talking at all!

Jack and Trixie were a very 'human' couple.  Jack ran an ATC squadron at Surbiton where he lived. How he got to work each day I cannot imagine.


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