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Dr. Donald Fishlock

Dr Donald Fishlock, Head of Modern Languages at Harrow County from 1954 to 1959, has died at the age of 81.   He succeeded the long-serving W H "Whiffey" King in the post.  Donstayed at Harrow County until 1959 when he was appointed Headmaster of Plaistow Grammar School, in East London.  he regarded this as a stepping-stone in view of the falling rolls at Plaistow, and a couple of years later he moved on to Wood Green School, where he had the none-too-easy task of managing a staff, as he put it, fairly equally divided between 'rods' and 'mockers'.

Don was a fine scholar, a Cambridge graduate who did his Ph D externally at London, and he was highly regarded by his colleagues. Those of us who knew him at Harrow County will perhaps remember him best as a great talker. It was often difficult to get a word in edgeways once he got going, but he was well worth listening to! I for one regret his passing.

Don Wilkie

From the Old Gaytonian 1996 and the Gayton Staff Association Newsletter, October 1996.

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