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Mr. C. D. Pritchet - Latin 1950-56

Christopher Dixon Pritchet (C. D - known as "seedy") was born on 21st December 1915. He was educated at the Royal College, Colombo from 1925 until 1933. He attended University College, Colombo where he gained a B.A.(2nd Class) in Latin, Greek and Philosophy with a final year (1938-1939) at University College, London. He served in the R.A.F. as a radio operator from July 1940 until May 1945 when he was demobilised. He received his Teachers Diploma from the Institute of Education in July 1946.

After teaching at Westminster City School and Hackney Downs School, he came to Harrow County School in 1950 to teach classics.

Mr. Pritchet was organiser of cricket for several years and was Assistant Adjutant to the CCF.  He left Harrow County in 1956 to become Senior Classics Master of Chiswick Grammar School.  In 1957 he emigrated with his family to Canada.

For many years he was Professor in the Department of Classics at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, and retired to Victoria in 1983.

He wrote:

C.D. PRITCHET, Iohannis Alexandrini commentaria in sextum librum Hippocratis Epidemiarum / recognovit et adnotatione critica instruxit C.D. Pritchet. Leiden : Brill, (1975). xi, 470 p. ; 25 cm. ISBN: 9004042806.

C.D. PRITCHET, Johannis Alexandrini Commentaria in librum De sectis Galeni / recognovit et adnotatione critica instruxit C.D. Pritchet. Leiden : E.J. Brill, (1982). xi, 108 p. ; 25 cm. ISBN: 9004065660

(both about John of Alexandria, a byzantine medical writer)

He died in Victoria, British Columbia, on October 18th, 2004.


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