Harrow County School for Boys

Mr. R. R. Jones - retired 1948

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Gaytonian 1948

Brian Hester (1940-46) writes: 

"Jumbo"Jones was a very pleasant person. he could control a class of unruly boys simply by his mere presence combined with his mellifluous, Welsh-accented voice. He taught us arithmetic and Latin. In the former, I recall his teaching us an arithmetic method for deriving the square root of a number - something I subsequentally found to be completely useless but which I can still remember! I am left wondering how many eleven year old pupils could conduct the procedure today! In Latin classes, "Jumbo" would move slowly down the aisles touching each of us on the top of the head with a clenched fist which included a signet ring on the small finger as we dutifully declined or conjugated some word or other. Those who fumbled were rewarded with a somewhat harder "tough". I wonder how many now bald Old Gaytonians still bear the imprint of the signet ring, and if so, what the crest was!

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