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Standard Achievements Cup

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AWARDED FOR:- Standard Achievements (by House)
(Front) The words 'Harrow County School for Boys' over the Harrow County School badge, with the words 'Presented in 1933-By P A R Street (1926-33)-For "Standard Achievements" underneath.
(Rear) The words 'Won By' and a list of winners.


1933 Northwick
1934 Kenton
1935 Northwick
1936 Northwick
1937 Welldon
1938 Welldon
Height:- 13.2cm Diameter of rim:- 9.2cm
Silver Marks:- 1) C&P Co; 2) Crown; 3) Lion; 4) O
Remarks:-Stem slightly bent and one handle cracked. Appears once to have had a base.