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Sports Challenge Cup

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AWARDED FOR:- Athletics (by individual, last time by House)
(Front) The words 'The Boys County School Harrow' over the Harrow County School badge, which in turn is flanked by the words 'Junior' and Senior'. Underneath appear the words 'Sports Challenge Cup-Presented by Sister M I S Boswell, ARRC-1926'
(Rear) A list of winners.


1926 N Nelms
1927 H S Morris
1928 G T Bolton
1929 A G E Harding
1930 D C Higham
1931 C W Stevens
1932 A D Andrew
1933 T V Poltock
1934 W H G Edwards
1935 P H Watts
1936 R M Stapley
1937 A P Smith
1938 J E Rains
1939 R G Smith
1940 R J Gillespie
1941 K D Bagshawe
1942 R E Coxon
Not awarded again until
1946 B S Joynes
1947 M J Peat
1948 M J Foxwell
Not awarded again until
1960 M J Pringle
1961 D P Collis
Not awarded again until
1966 H B J Fischer
Not awarded again until
1970 R T Philps
Not awarded again until
1979 Sheridan (House)
Height:- 18cm Diameter of rim:- 17cm
Silver Marks:-
Remarks:- The 1933 winner, Trevor Poltock, lost his life during the war, and is also remembered on the School war memorial.