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The Sainsbury Memorial Cup

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(Front) Harrow County School badge above the words 'County School Harrow-Sainsbury Memorial Cup'

(Rear) The Scout Badge above the words '4th Harrow Troop', with a list of winners to the left of the inscription.




1926 E M Aldridge
1927 G R Higgins
1928 N M Parry
1929 J T R Westell
1930 L J Boon
1931 JJ Sayer
1932 V J Senior

1933 D G D Winslow
1934 G D Stredder
1935 L J Hale
1936 B E Knight
1937 K E White
1938 CJ Parkins


Height:- 23.5cm

Diameter of rim:- 12.5cm


Silver Marks:- 1)'D&A'; 2)Anchor; 3)Lion; 4)'V'.