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Rugby Cup

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AWARDED FOR:- Individual improvement in Rugby
(Front) 'Rugby Cup-(For Best Individual Improvement)-Presented by-W H Southee Esq'
(Rear) List of winners; (Lid) List of winners


1926 J W Taylor
1927 A C Ayres
1928 G R Hance
1929 K L G Nobbs
1930 G T E Jenkins
No record for 1931
1932 P F J Newell
1933 H G Stanbridge
1934 C Gosling
1935 J W Carroll
1936 L H Thomas
1937 G Holmes
Not awarded again until:-
1952 G Norman
1953 K S Clarke
1954 T E Burns
1955 D J Betts
1956 D R Bateman
1957 A H K Maynard and R A Peel
1958 R T Perry
1959 R P Tapper
1960 R W Wade
1961 C R Maslen
1962 A Routh and R G Swinburn
1963 P A Taylor and G K Willson
1963-64 I Hall and R Porter
1964-65 M Clarke
No record for 1966
1967 E J Garland
1969 J M Dando
1969-70 C E Crump
1970-71 S R Green
1972-73 T A Finbow
Height:- 14cm Diameter of rim:- 8cm
Silver Marks:- 1) SFHLR&W; 2)Crown; 3)Lion; 4) G
Remarks:- The 1936 winner (L H Thomas) lost his life during the war, and is also remembered on the school war memorial