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Plunge Cup

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AWARDED FOR:- The Longest Plunge in Swimming
(Front) The words 'Presented by A H Mitchell-Winner of Plunge 1926-For Longest Plunge'
(Rear) A list of winners.


1928 J W Mulhall
1929 E Smith
1930 R A G Lambert
1931 R A G Lambert
1932 R A G Lambert
1933 R B Heywood
1934 R B Heywood
1935 B J Heywood
1936 B J H Lane
1937 B J H Lane
1938 B J H Lane
1939 J D Wayte
1942 P Rushton
1943 P Rushton
1944 J Fox
1945 J Arthur
1946 E A Welling
1947 E B Sheldon
1948 D M Aspinall
1949 D Cone
1950 C D Fruin
1951 P J Gillard
1952 P J Gillard
1953 A D Hyett
1954 A D Hyett
1955 A D Hyett
1956 R C Gregory
1957 R C Gregory
1958 R C Anderson
1959 R C Anderson
1960 R C Anderson
1961 R C Anderson
Not awarded in 1962
1963 L V Benn
1964 L V Benn
Height:- 18.5cm Diameter of rim:- 10cm
Silver Marks:- None