Harrow County School for Boys

Junior (U15) Cup

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AWARDED FOR:- Athletics (under 15)
(Front) The words 'HCS Junior (U15) Cup-Presented By R J Kraushaar-April 1966'
(Rear) The words 'Winners' and a list of winners.


1966 B Cunningham
1967 P Saktreger
1968 A McGahan
1969 D Wolfe
1970 R G Reynolds
1971 M July and G Sillitoe
1972 D Orme
1973 G Smith
1974 J Moseley and P O'Brien
Not awarded again until
1976 A Deighton
1977 M Cursons
1978 S Penny
Height:- 26cm Diameter of rim:- 9.5cm
Silver Marks:- (On Base) E.R.N.S.