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Junior Championship Cup

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(Front) The Harrow County School badge, with the words 'The County School Harrow-Junior Championship Cup-Presented By L White Esq'-and the names of the first two winners underneath.
(Left Side) A list of winners; (Right Side) A list of winners.


1919 J D Swain and P L Twinn
1920 G H Ingram
1921 S F Wright
1922 E T Vincent
1923 S C Edwards
1924 N Nelms
1925 H S Morris
1926.G T Bolton
1927 A G E Harding
1928 D C Higham
1929 J S Mason
1930 W J Turner
1931 P A Midlane
1932 W H G Edwards
1933 J P Walsh
1934 D H Oldham
1935 G E French
1936 J E Rains
1937 G M H Corby
1938 P H Till
1939 W E Moffitt
1940 R E Coxon
1941 P D Bellamy
1942 D L HigginsNot awarded again until:-
1962 A J Phillips
1963 A J Phillips
1964 L P Grove
1965 L P Grove
Not awarded again until:-1973 S Burice and G Chard
Height:- 19cm Diameter of rim:- 9.5cm
Silver Marks:- (On Base) 1) P; 2) MH & Co; 3) S; 4) 5; 3 other unidentified; 6) 1713.
Remarks:- The winners in 1933 and 1934 (J P Walsh and D H Oldham) were both killed during the war, and are remembered on the school war memorial.