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Inter-Schools Challenge Cup

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AWARDED TO:- Other schools winning the Inter-Schools race.
(Front) The Harrow County School Badge, with the words 'The County School Harrow-Challenge Cup-Inter-schools Race-Presented by Mrs Alexander' underneath.
(Left Side) A list of winners.

(Right Side) A list of winners.


1912 County High School, Ilford.
1913 County High School, Ilford.
1914-15 County School, Southgate.

1916 Kilburn Grammar School.
1917-18 County School, Southgate.
1919 County School, Southgate.
1920 Watford Grammar School.
1921 County School, Southgate.
1922 County School, Southgate.
1923 County School, Southgate.
1924 County School, Southgate.
1925 County School, Southgate.
1926 Hampton Grammar School.

1927 County School, Finchley.
1928 Hampton Grammar School.
1929 Ealing County School.
1930 Ealing County School.
1931-32 Hendon County School.
1933 Chiswick County School.
1934 Lower School of John Lyon, Harrow.
1935 Latymer Upper School.
1936 Latymer Upper School.
1937 Latymer Upper School.
1938 Raines School.1939 Latymer Upper School.
Height:- 20.5cm Diameter of rim:- 14cm
Silver Marks:- (On Base) 1) L; 2) &; 3) M; 4) S; 5) One other unidentified; 6) 7134.