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The Horace Burton Trophy

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AWARDED FOR:- Swimming Relay Race (Inter School)
(Front) The words 'Horace T Burton Esq, Trophy-County Schools-Boys Swimming Relay Race.
(Rear) A list of winners.


1943 Pinner County School
Not awarded again until
1945 Harrow (Sec) Grammar Boys
1946 Harrow (Sec) Grammar Boys
1947 Harrow County (Boys) Grammar
Harrow County (Boys)
Not awarded again until
1951 Belmont Sec. Mod. Boys
1952 Belmont Sec. Mod. Boys
1953 Whitefriars sec. Mod. Boys
Not awarded again until
1955 Belmont Sec. Mod. Boys
Not awarded again until
1960 Roxeth Manor
1961 Roxeth Manor
1962 Lascelles County Sec. Boys
1963 Lascelles County Sec. Boys
Harrow County Boys School
Height:- 24cm Diameter of rim:- 11cm
Silver Marks:- (On Base) C E NEWLO PLATE, E.P.N.S., A L