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Bowling Cup

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AWARDED FOR:- Cricket Bowling (To individuals-Presented by The Old Gaytonian Cricket Club)
(Front) The words 'The "Bowling" Cup-Presented By Old Gaytonians Cricket Club'
(Rear) A list of winners.


1958 B P Langrick

1959 B P Langrick

1960 B P Langrick

1961-62 P L Ward

1963 G F Reeve

1964 D K Richardson

1965 M J Taylor

Not awarded again until

1967 R A N Chiese

1968 I B Park

1969 R G Powell

1970 CC Paine

1971 R G Powell

1972 M A Kingdon

1973 N R Sloan

Not awarded again until

1975 M A Kingdon

Not awarded again until

1977 J Woodage

1978 G M Moritz

1979 T Shah

1980 T Shah

Height:- 20.5cm Diameter of rim:- 9.5cm
Silver Marks:- 1) J F F F F; 2) Crown; 3) Lion; 4) 'J'; 5) Face (side)