Harrow County School for Girls

Famous and not-so-famous Old Girls

Dianne Abbott - MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Tanya Church (1963-68) - Early Years Co-ordinator, London Borough of Brent

Brenda Coleman - corporate tax lawyer

Lindsey Dedden - Personnel Manager

Margaret Etherington (1963-70), Senior Lecturer at Cass School of Education, University of East London

Monica Furlong 1930-2003, writer, feminist and Christian mystic

Rachel Goldberg (1961-68), Violinist

Dame Carole Jordan - the first female President of the Royal Astronomical Society

Gillian Karas (1950s), author

Anne Little (1969-76) - Head of Events at Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Alice Gertrude Martlew, née Maishman, born 1907 - Methodist Missionary

Dr. Lucy Florence Oldfield, 1925-1989 - chemist and glass technologist

Dr. Edna Margaret Roe 1911-1971 - biophysicist and chemist, Reader at Royal Cancer Hospital

Ivy Russell, née Southern - born 1909, Novellist and Playwright

Hilda D. Spear (née King) - born 1926, formerly Senior Lecturer in English at Dundee University and now an Honorary Research Fellow.

Gillian Spraggs 1952- , author and poet

Lesley Stagg - Director of a college in Columbia, South America

Felicity Ann Tabor 1934-2005, (1945-53) Geologist

Marion Williamson (1964-71) Researcher at Perriam and Everett


Dr. Yvonne Burne - French and German, now Headmistress of City of London School for Girls

Belinda Dennis 1915-2003

Ellinor Hinks 1913-2004 - Physical Education (1938-45)

Margaret Jaggar (1959-63), now a volunteer at the Natural History Museum

Ilid Landry - English (circa 1960s)

Stephanie Pattenden (1970s), now Headmistress at Francis Holland School


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