Harrow County School for Boys

Mr. E J Atkinson - 1919-36

E. J. A.

Seventeen years is quite a long time; for seventeen years Mr. Atkinson was with us, intil early in the Summer vacation (the facts are now familiar) he was appointed as Headmaster of the Newport Secondary School, Newport, Mon.

Those initials stand for us as the formula of a most energetic personality; ever busy, but always ready to give a helping hand.  He taught Mathematics with vivacity and enthusiasm; but Applied Mathematics was his real pet; and to that he brought powers of imagination which culminated in his Vector Trolley Aparatus.  School Athletics owe much to him : but he ranged more widely into organising and committee work in Middlesex Athletics and sporting events.  The Old Boys' Association will miss him, for he was its chairman for five years, is now a vice-president, and president of the Old Boy's Athletic Club.  For many yaers he compiled the monthly Old Boys' Notes for the "Gaytonian" from that intimate and detailed knowledge of Old Boys at home and abroad.  Nothing seemed to escape his notice : everything was news and of interest to him.

So the loss is apparent and not easily made good.  We offer him congratulations, and express our most warmly felt wishes that he will enjoy many years of health, happiness and success.  Au revoir, E.J.A.

Source:  Gaytonian, October 1936

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