Harrow County Staff

Mr. E. A. S ("Easy") Evans

An Old Gaytonian, E.A.S. Evans entered Harrow County as a boy in 1913.  He was a member of the staff, teaching mathematics, from 1924 to 1946, when he took a job at Kingsbury County School.

In 1932 he was the Scoutmaster of the School's Scout Troop, the Fourth Harrow.

He had the well-earned reputation of wearing the most ragged of all gowns. He was a fairly big man with a characteristic, energetic stride. With his mop of balding, curly hair, largely uncut, at least in appearance, he was an imposing figure. He inspired me in mathematics and was generous with his time. His teaching method in the sixth form was unusual. He sped though the syllabus at breakneck speed so he could do the same again half way through the year. His hands would dash across the blackboard writing at a rate comparable with his delivery. I believe he had been active in scouts but his name never seems to appear in that connection. In pre-war days he had gone trekking in the Alps and would show us his movies of the experience. They would be seen as mundane today but to those of us growing up before TV and during wartime when foreign holidays were unknown, they were exciting stuff. Mild in his manner,  he was one of the "good guys" amongst the staff.

Brian Hester

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