Harrow County School for Boys

The poetry of Douglas "Cardew" Robinson

(I noticed some comic verse and articles printed in The Gaytonian in the 1930s, under the pseudonym "Hotbreaks".  Geoff Lawrance, who entered Harrow County in 1930, informed me that these were written by Douglas "Cardew" Robinson, who went on to become a well-known comic actor and writer.  These were probably Robinson's first published writings, and they show his talent, even as a young teenager. JMM)

Some Observations of a New Boy - October 1932  

More Observations of a New Boy
No. 2 - My First Game of Rugger
- November 1932

The New Boys' First Det - December 1932

Further Experiences of the New Boy
No. 4 - The New Boy Goes Swimming
- May 1933

Three Weary Fourth Formers - June 1933

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