Harrow County School for Boys/Gayton High School

The "Behind the Scenes" Reunion of the School Dramatic Society, December 9th, 2001

Including "This is Your Backstage Life, Harry Mees"

Photographs    (There seem to be more arriving all the time!)



See Us in A2 !! - Gerry Lafferty, Jim Golland and Fred Bilson

Buffet in the Dining Hall (formerly the New Gym)

In the Dining Hall - David Amos, Madeleine Pratt, Dave Buckley, Mick Boggis, Gerry Lafferty and others

The Cast in the Prayer Room (formerly the Cloakroom behind the Stage)

Mr. George Cowan

Francis Matthews and Jim Golland

Francis Matthews, Jim Golland, Richard Salter, Michael Portillo and Chris McManus

Michael Simmonds and Mr. George Cowan

Michael Portillo and George Cowan

Stephen Games

Chris McManus

Jeffrey Maynard

Francis Matthews checks that all the Cast are present

Batman FX (by Bob Locker) and Harry Mees portrait

"Daily Assembly" - left to right:  Harry Mees, Bob Garratt (seated), George Cowan, Francis Matthews

Harry Mees Centre Stage

Steve Clyne, Bob Garratt and Harry Mees

Harry Mees recalling memories with Norman Tyrwhitt in background

Harry Mees facing cyc wall

"This is Your Life" Cast


Harry Stands Before Disciples


On-Stage Throng

Peter Vincent Takes the Applause

Members of the Staff

4th Harrow Scout Shows

Edward Kerr, Peter Vincent

Matthew De Lange and Francis Matthews

Jim Maddison in Dining Hall (formerly New Gym)

Geoff Perkins, Gerry Lafferty, Francis Matthews, Katie Finch and Matthew DeLange with Ann Stratton (OGDC) Ronnie Stiff (OGDC) and Beryl Chase

Hantman, Badcock and Gardner

John Abbott and Dick Dunmore

Jim Quibell and ?

Julie and Steve Jones

Jeffrey Maynard and his son, Yishai

After the reunion at "The Case is Altered" - (1)

After the reunion at "The Case is Altered" - (2)


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