Harrow County/Gayton High Staff

Mrs. B. Chase

Beryl Chase joined Harrow County in 1963 to assist Jim Atkins, the then school secretary.  Jim's contribution to the school was enormous and was acknowledged on his decease by the brass plaque on the wall by the Headmaster's Study.*  Beryl not only took overas secretary but contributed to school life to the same extent.

In the office she provided a service to all and especially helped staff, not only by finding money for goods bought (often without checking whether funds were available) but by listening to problems, be they professional or personal and proffering solutions.  She seemed to be involved in everything and could be relied on to do things outside her call of duty in her unflappable manner.  Her involvement in out-of-school activities was such that I can only mention some and omit many.  Some that come to mind are:-

playing the housekeeper in 'Oliver';
singing Gilbert and Sullivan as part of the Parents' Union choir;
going on school visits to France etc.;
piloting, by phone, a lost scout on a wide game;
counting box office money from innumerable shows;
being secretary to the PU and other committees;
serving refreshments at functions, many unofficial;
still managing to find time to be a Guide captain.

Also, relaxing in her two-piece swimming costume  by the school pool and showing off her sun tan gained on Italian beaches.

May I personally thank her for her cheerful help to me with the Gaytonian accounts, orders for stationery, Chemistry and stage lighting and especially for the five years of doing staff substitution, latterly having to walk down to A3 to give the latest information on staff absences.

Norman Tyrwhitt

from Gaytonian 1988

*The Brass Plaque was removed from the wall at some time and flung under the stage with other Harrow County memorabilia.  It has been retrieved by Alex Bateman, Archivist of the Old Gaytonian Association, and screwed to the wall in the archives, which are located at the school, in the old Prefects Common Room, over the clock.  Perhaps the school can be persuaded to rehang it in its rightful place!  Jeff Maynard.


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