Harrow County School for Boys

Photographs from the 90th Birthday reunion, March 31st 2001.

These photographs and their captions were supplied by Edward Kerr.

"it's the main entrance, Jim  -  but not as we knew it".

The honours boards back home in the New Hall  - even if they are just propped up against the stage.

"Now look 'ere, oi see it this way".

The War Memorial  -  just as everyone would remember it from all those years ago.  Timeless  -  and quite right too.

"Wait under the clock !!"  -  and look at some nice pictures while you wait.

A tour of the school, with Jim Golland, Nigel Sheinwald and Francis Matthews amongst those visible.  Note that they have changed all of the room numbers.

Science lab  -  2001 version.  Believe it or not, this was previously Bigham's Bio Lab.

The school field taken from inside a first floor classroom in the New Wing (the one that runs along Sheepcote Road).

The Kenton Road frontage  -  all the chalked cricket wickets seem to have disappeared from the school walls.

The new Sports Hall and Expressive Arts complex, taken from outside the New Wing.

The school is truly multi-cultural these days. 

Inside the new Sports Hall (part 1)  -  anyone for cricket ?

Inside the new Sports Hall (part 2)  -  it can't be the same trampoline that I remember the school buying in 1961, can it ??

The New Wing  -  taken from where the flagpole used to stand.

Harry and his wife in the Dining Hall (previously the New Gym).

Harry goes back on stage (with Edward Kerr in the suit).

The footlights are still there (this is the centre of interest in the picture that you have already published).

The stage and lighting tower  -  and a recently acquired false ceiling.

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