Harrow County School for Boys/Gayton High School

2007 Reunion Luncheon, Bedford Arms, Rickmansworth

This was held on 25th November 2007 at the Bedford Arms.  The photographs were taken by Harry Hopkins (HCS 1941). 

Photograph 1  Colin Dickins, Eric Heslop, Wendy Heslop, June Dickins

Photograph 2  Fionuala Baker, Gordon Williams, Dennis Barker, Keith Adamson, Hazel Adamson

Photograph 3  Gillian Carter, Ray Carter, Derrick Swift, Hans Stuart

Photograph 4  John Backhouse, Avril Backhouse, Ron Simpson, Joan Simpson, Eileen Blackburn, Bob Blackburn

Photograph 5  Alex Bateman, Di Watson, Ron Bishop, Pat Bishop, Doreen Wilkey, Don Wilkey

Photograph 6  Bob Smith, Mildred Smith, John Stanbury, Irene Stanbury, Janet Spring, Geoff Spring

Photograph 7  John Brake, Vivienne Brake, Lyn Lamm, Ron Lamm

Photograph 8  Bill Swan, Unknown, Swan Granddaughter, Joan Swan, Geoff Taylor, Keith Baker

Photograph 9  Tony Morgan, Alastair MacGillivray, Robin MacGillivray, Jill Cato, Gordon Cato

Photograph 10  Harry Hopkins, Derrick Swift

Photograph 11  Ray Carter, Gillian Carter, Harry Hopkins


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